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Do You Really Need Ads to Get More Followers?

Oct 31, 2023

On social media platforms, quality content and a consistent posting schedule can certainly help your business increase its following. However, after a certain point, you’ll find that the number of new people who follow your business plateaus or lessens as days go by. To help you overcome this, you can use ads to your advantage. Ads have been proven effective in increasing your following, generating more engagements and conversions for your business

The reasons ads are so effective are simple. 

Ads Reach New People

You may not be getting new followers because you’re not being discovered by new people. Maybe your posts aren’t using keywords that help people find you on social media platforms. Moreover, if people aren’t sharing your posts or tagging other people to look at your account, you may not be reaching your lookalike audience. These are the aspects that ads can help you in. 

Ads are published for your target market, which is then determined by you. Through an ad, you could hook interested new customers or even lookalike audiences who haven’t seen or encountered your account before. 

Ads Generate Organic Following

You might be tempted to buy followers or use bots to increase your followers; however, doing these will not be effective long term. Not only will buying followers be more expensive in the long run, but these people or bots won’t engage with your account. This is bad because it lessens the chances of your posts appearing in people’s feeds. For example, if your Instagram followers don’t like or comment on your posts, Instagram won’t view your account as reputable and worthy of appearing on other people’s feeds. 

On the other hand, ads can draw people who are active users of the platform. When these people follow you, they are more likely to interact with your account in authentic ways. 

Ads Promote Your Products or Services

While your account will still post product or service promotions, you may be spreading these out in your posting schedule. You’ve also likely added different kinds of content that will allow your followers to engage with your brand. Doing so is good to keep them interested and develop a relationship with your customers. However, varying content can sometimes make it hard for new people to understand what you’re doing or selling. 

Ads can help in this regard. Ads are more upfront about promotions, as they often go in the “hard-sell” direction. After all, you’re trying to catch an interested customer’s attention. Moreover, old followers who may not be interacting with your account as often—therefore unable to see your promotional posts, may be targeted for the ads as well. 

For these reasons, you need to use ads to get more followers. Not only will they enable you to get your business known, but they will turn your followers into organic customers for your business.