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I Post Every Day but Still Get No Engagement. Should I Give Up?

Mar 09, 2020

You’ve been creating solid content for your brand’s social media pages and posting every single day, but engagement is still rock bottom. And when someone does like your post every so often, it’s your ever-supportive mom. Thanks, mom.

Contrary to what some people believe, posting more does not necessarily mean more people will see your content, engage with it, or magically increase your follower count.

In many cases, the problem isn’t your content, but other factors you may be accidentally overlooking that are causing all your efforts to go to waste.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common reasons why some brands just aren’t getting the engagement they expect.

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Posting When People Won’t See Them

The simplest and quickest guideline for you to remember: don’t post your content at times when no one will see it.

Think about when your audience will most likely check social media, such as lunch breaks or after-work hours. Consider what day you should be posting on as well—do your posts do better on weekdays or weekends?

Most social media platforms can show you numbers that tell you how well your page is performing. This includes what days and times your posts do best. Checking these numbers each month can help you determine the best days and times for your brand to post.

Remember: each brand’s audience has their own unique habits. The best way to learn how your audience behaves is through constant trial and error, checking how well your posts perform, and tweaking your posting schedule as you go along.

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Your Audience Hasn’t Grown Enough

If your pages don’t have that many followers yet, your posts will only reach a small pool of people. To top that off, your posts have to compete with the sea of content that your audience is already seeing on their own feeds.

Running ads that target your ideal audience is one of the best ways to reach people who haven’t followed your social media pages yet. It’s a simple, effective, and commonly used strategy by brands serious about increasing their online presence to give your channels credibility, be seen by more people, and to grow brand awareness.

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People Aren’t Seeing Your Ads

But ads can be tricky too. Simply dumping your marketing budget on social media ads and waiting for your followers to skyrocket isn’t going to work.

You need to be smart about your targeting. Creating ads that target too general an audience means they might be seen by people who may not necessarily be interested in your product or service. And that’s wasted money.

Let’s say you sell stainless steel water bottles that keep water cold for up to 24 hours. Demographics aside, the first mistake marketers new to digital marketing will make is to solely target people who follow other water bottle brands.

While these people may indeed be interested in your product, this kind of strategy limits the number of potential customers you can reach.

What kind of people would be interested in water bottles that keep water cold for long periods? Hikers and athletes, to name a few. Now think about the kinds of people and brands that they would most likely follow on social media, and use those parameters when targeting your ads.

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Create More Engaging Content

Your content may already be working just fine, but sometimes people need a little encouragement to spark some interaction.

Try tweaking your posts so they feel more inviting for your audience to engage with. Does your caption have a call to action that invites them to comment or share your post? Simply posing questions, asking people to share their opinions, or holding contests can yield some surprising engagement. 

And don’t forget to respond to your audience as much as possible. People appreciate it when brands reciprocate their comments and questions—it makes brands feel more human.

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You Haven’t Created a Strategy Yet

The key to guaranteeing results from your social media efforts is by creating a solid digital marketing strategy. Your audience may be active on different social media platforms, and each platform requires a unique approach to how you create content and ads.

Connecting with your audience through multiple social media channels can be a very overwhelming task, and digital marketing offers a wealth of opportunities to reach even more customers and to grow your brand. We can help you create a strategy tailored precisely to your brand’s needs. Drop us a message and schedule a call to know how we can help grow your digital presence.

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