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Isla Bella Beauty


Created for the modern-day Filipina, Isla Bella stands firm in their belief that beauty is more than skin-deep. All their products are infused with minerals that bring about a glow from within. Isla Bella was brought to life by Powerherbs Solutions, Inc., the first local multi-level marketing company to distribute makeup. You heard it right - Isla Bella is a local beauty line that promises its clients not just beauty, but financial security as well. The company believes that the best way to market the effectivity of their products is through first-hand customers who genuinely use them on a daily basis, and Isla Bella aims to give back to their consumers by way of direct sales rewards.

What we did

The company was having problems with Isla Bella’s slow movement, so they reached out to us to rebrand Isla Bella to make it more appealing to their clientele. Taking inspiration from its core values and goals, which is to create skin and budget-friendly makeup and skincare products for Filipinas, we created a tropical-inspired look and design for them. We did their packaging design, brochure, collaterals, press release, and online content. In addition, we also helped them with influencer marketing and kickstarted their social media pages for their soft launch last November 2018.


The rebranding resulted in a significantly higher increase in sales for the brand.

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